Born in Paris, Bernard Drouillet shared his life between music and photography from the 80s after a schooling marked by the Latin Quarter, the Lycée Henri Quatre and the Sorbonne. In parallel with his career as a jazz drummer, which led him to play and record with various French and American musicians, he studied photography in a photo club and then at the Centre de Formation et de Documentation (CFD) in Paris to become a photojournalist. Freelance photoreporter from 1992 to 1998, he distributed his work in colour through the agencies Sipa and Editing until 2006, with various publications in the magazine press such as Nouvel Observateur, Actuel, l'Express, VSD, La Vie and others. It was during a collective exhibition at the UPC (Union des Photographes Créateurs), in 1997, that he showed for the first time his personal work in black and white. Abandoning the press and its constraints, he invested himself in this personal approach by responding, at the same time, to commissions for the CNP, the Chopin Centre, the ADAC in Paris, the Réunion des Musées Nationaux, the Maison-près-Bastille gallery or the Mairie de Sceaux. Bernard Drouillet has exhibited in Paris, at the Actis gallery, at the L'œil du Huit gallery, at the Photo 2008 exhibition for Ilford, as well as at the Journées du Patrimoine de la ville de Sceaux, the Maison-près-Bastille gallery and the Sceaux City Hall for the Month of Photography. He has been a member of the SAIF since 1999.