The wet portrait is a questioning of one’s own image (the image that one has of oneself, the one that one gives to see), to "wet oneself" literally and figuratively.
A situation where each subject, reduced to its simplest expression (more deprivation
that bare) no longer plays with the dress and hair codes that guide the spectator.
Everyone takes the risk of not liking or not liking himself because the purpose here is not to flatter the shooting but to give the photographer a moment of humanity, in a suspended time that he can capture or not.
The wet body brings back to birth and water symbolizes, from all times, purification; wet, the adult subject finds a form of innocence at the same time that he carries on his face a life course, it is this in-between that the author proposes to grasp.
An in-between where the person, in a brief moment of vacillation, “escapes” or let it go.